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Conference on microfinance for agriculture : available documents

Plenary session 1 : How can microfinance respond to the needs of farmers ?

- Keynote (pdf, 43ko)
- Presentation by Richard Meyer, Ohio State University, USA (pdf, 16ko)
- Presentation by Cécile Lapenu, CERISE/RFM, France (pdf, 390ko) : Recent advances in agricultural financing : supply and strategies
- Presentation by Mamy Rajohanesa, FI-FA-TA, Madagascar (pdf, 58ko) : Does microfinance meet the needs of malgasy farmers ?
- Presentation by Maria Julia Jimenez, CIOEC, Bolivia (pdf, 463ko) : Does microfinance meet indians farmers’ financial needs ? The case of Bolivia
- Presentation by Alou Sidibé, Kafo Jiginew, Mali (pdf, 306ko) : Kafo Jiginew’s experience in financing farmers in Mali
- Presentation by Satish Pillarisetti, NABARD, India (pdf, 600ko) : Microfinance for agriculture : perspectives from India

Workshop 1 : How can microfinance services be better organized to respond to the specificities of agriculture ?

- Keynote (pdf, 43ko)
- Presentation by Suresh Gokhale,BAIF, India (pdf, 1,2Mo) : Holistic programme approach in financing agriculture
- Presentation by Carolina Trivelli, IEP, Peru (pdf, 200ko) : Agricultur development banks : Latin American experiences
- Presentation by Bakary Traoré, Socodevi, Mali (pdf, 215ko)
- Presentation by Aude Flogny-Catrisse, AFD, France (pdf, 138ko) : A compared study of different institutional models in Madagascar, Mali and Cameroun

Workshop 2 : Innovative products and procedures : appropriate responses to agricultural financial needs ?

- Keynote (pdf, 38ko)
- Presentation by Gisèle Rakotondramanana,CECAM, Madagascar (pdf, 103ko):Leasing, experience from Madagascar
Presentation by Wilfredo Necochea,FOGAL, Peru (pdf, 86ko) : Guarantee fund : experience in Latin America
- Presentation by Atakilt Kiros,DECSI, Ethiopia (pdf, 3,5Mo) : The experience of DECSI in its innovative model of financing agriculture
- Presentation by Sani Boubacar, FAO, Niger (pdf, 428ko) : Warrantage in Niger
- Presentation by Renate Kloeppinger, World Bank, USA (pdf, 811ko) : Leasing as credit alternative
- Presentation by Samba Mbaye,UGPM, Senegal (pdf, 201ko):Innovative products and procedures, the UGPM experience

Workshop 3 : Managing agricultural risk : what innovative tools and procedures ?

- Keynote (pdf, 36ko)
- Presentation by Jim Roth, Microinsurance center, UK (pdf, 145ko) : Agricultural microinsurance - the landscape
- Presentation by Jesus Escamilla Juarez, Agroasemex, Mexico (pdf, 704ko) : A prametric approach of rural microinsurance
- Presentation by Isabel Cruz Hernandez, AMUCSS, Mexico (pdf, 531ko) : Vulnerability and microfinance, identifying economic risks to reduce their impact
- Presentation by Shishir Ranjan, Basix, India (pdf, 1Mo) : Managing agricultural risks, the experience of Basix

Plenary session 2 : How to improve the economic impact of microfinance on agricultural development ?

- Keynote (pdf, 47ko)
- Presentation by Isabelle Guérin, IRD/IFP, France(pdf, 57ko) : Introduction
- Presentation by Maria Pagura and Ake Olofsson, FAO, Italy (pdf, 533ko) : Microfinance and agricultural development
- Presentation by Gisèle Rakotondramanana,CECAM, Madagascar (pdf, 92ko):Impact assessment of CECAM network, Madagascar 2003-2007
- Presentation by Jean-Loup Ardoin, HEC, France (pdf, 225ko) : An analysis of Grameen Danone Food Ltd’s business model
- Presentation by Gaoussou Touré, CECO, Ivory Coast (pdf, 239ko):Microfinance’s impact on agriculture, the case of CECO

Workshop 4 : What role for agricultural professional organizations in microfinance ?

- Keynote (pdf, 51ko)
- Presentation by Betty Wampfler, CERISE/Supagro, and François Doligez, CERISE/IRAM, France(pdf, 67ko)
 : Introduction
- Presentation by Bachir Maliki, Working group on farmers organizations and IMF pertnerships, Niger(pdf, 153ko) : Challenges in building a partnership, the case of Niger
- Presentation by Joaquin Munoz, Max Havellar/AGROFINE, France(pdf, 632ko) : The case of fair trade
- Presentation by Najirou Sall, FONGS, Senegal(pdf, 265ko) : Experience of the NGO federation of Senegal
- Presentation by Betty Wampfler, CERISE/Supagro, France(pdf, 53ko) : Is there any evolution in partnerships between farmers’ organizations and MFIs ?

Workshop 5 : Under what conditions is agricultural microfinance financially viable ?

- Keynote (pdf, 47ko)
- Presentation by Tamim Islam, Grameen Trust, Bangladesh(pdf, 820ko) : The economic model of Grameen Bank
- Presentation by Daouda Sawadogo, FCPB, Burkina Faso(pdf, 1,6Mo) : Conditions for financial viability of agricultural microfinance
- Presentation by Stephan Gishyan, ACBA, Armenia(pdf, 687ko) : Perspectives from Armenia
- Presentation by Jose Auad, Profin, Bolivia(pdf, 572ko) : Support programme to quinoa chain
- Presentation by Elisabeth Ventura Egoavil, Confianza, Peru(pdf, 126ko) : Rural credits experience of EPYDME Confianza

Workshop 6 : What complementary of services related ti agriculture and the impact of microfinance ?

- Keynote (pdf, 38ko)
- Presentation by Nelly-Françoise Tsasa Khini, Small and young entreprises network, Congo(pdf, 347ko) : Perspectives from Congo Brazzaville
- Presentation by Hamidou Bagayoko, PACCEM, Mali(pdf, 543ko) : Example of partnership between farners’ organizations and MFI : the case of Faso Jigi/PACCEM in Mali
- Presentation by Suzelin Ratohiarijoana, Ministry for agriculture fishery and farming, Madagascar(pdf, 75ko) : The role of microfinance in financing of inputs
- Presentation by Albert Houngnibo, pineapple producers network, Bénin(pdf, 49ko) : The importance of producers’ training

Plenary session 3:What public policies lead to an increasing role for microfinance in agriulture ?


- Keynote (pdf, 44ko)
- Presentation by Betty Wampfler, CERISE/Supagro, and François Doligez, CERISE/IRAM, France(pdf, 196ko) : Introduction
- Presentation by Ricardo Abramovay, Sao Paolo University, Brasil(pdf, 211ko) : Microfinance for developing countries’ agriculture
- Presentation by Makarimi Adéchoubou, PNUD-FENU (pdf, 190ko) : Strategies for rural financial inclusion in West Africa
- Presentation by Suzelin Ratohiarijoana, Ministry for agriculture fishery and farming, Madagascar(pdf, 38ko) : Public financial support to agricultural microfinance : the case of Madagascar
- Presentation by Reynaldo Marconi, FINRURAL, Bolivia(pdf, 236ko) : Adapting regulation to agricultural and rural financing conditions


- Closing remarks by René Carron, president of FARM (pdf, 24ko)

Publié le : 16 novembre 2011

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