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Conference "G20 agriculture : what’s next ?"


G20 agriculture: what's next?

20th December 2011

Pierre Mendès France conference center
French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, Paris

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The Final Declaration of the Cannes Summit, November 3-4, which brought together the Heads of State and Government of the nineteen richest countries, plus the European Union, recognizes the critical importance of agriculture : it commits signatories to "address food price volatility and increase agricultural production and productivity", based on the Action Plan adopted in Paris on June 22-23 ; and it makes food security a priority to "overcome the most critical bottlenecks hampering growth in developing countries".

The G20 thus laid the foundations for a new governance of agriculture and developed a set of measures to meet the global challenges of agriculture and food security.

As France prepares to pass on the G20 presidency to Mexico for 2012, the Foundation for World Agriculture and Rurality (FARM), Pluriagri and the Institute of Public Management and Economic Development (IGPDE) have organized a conference to take stock of what has been achieved in 2011 and to explore more specifically two major issues : stock policies and risk management.

"We decide to maintain our focus on the broad global economic challenges", states the Final Declaration of the Cannes Summit. For agriculture and food security, the challenge is considerable : how can they stay at the top of the international policy agenda ?

FARM, Pluriagri and the IGPDE discussed these issues with farmers, experts, policy makers, and a large audience.

Program and speakers’ presentations

Introduction : the outcome of the G20 agriculture in 2011
Eric Allain, Director General for Agricultural Policies, Food and Countryside, French Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Rurality and Country Planning

Thematic session : stock policies
In the Final Declaration of the Cannes Summit on November 4th, the Heads of State and Government of the G20 countries welcome “the initiative of the Economic Community of Western African States (ECOWAS) to set up a targeted regional emergency humanitarian food reserve system, as a pilot project, and the ‘ASEAN+3’ emergency rice reserve initiative”. But should public stocks of agricultural products be designed only as humanitarian emergency food reserves or could they also be used in the regulation of agricultural prices ? And should they be managed at the national, regional or international level ?

Chair : Bernard Bachelier, member of the Board, FARM
Discussant : Bernard Valluis, Deputy Chairman, ANMF (National Association of the French Milling Industry)

- The French experience on grain stocks
Pierre-Olivier Drège, Deputy Director in charge of Strategy at Unigrains
Download the presentation (in French)

- The Word Food Program (WFP) pilot project on humanitarian emergency food reserves in West Africa
Claude Jibidar, Deputy Director, WFP’s West Africa Regional Bureau
Download the presentation (in French)

- The regulation of the rice market in Indonesia
Bustanul Arifin, consultant, professor in agricultural economics, University of Lampung, Indonesia
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Thematic session : risk management within food value chains
The Final Declaration of the Cannes Summit calls for the implementation of “risk-management instruments, such as commodity hedging instruments" and "weather index insurances”. To what extent an improved coordination between the different actors of the agricultural sector could help to reduce "excessive" farm price volatility and to create a conducive environment to increase agricultural production and productivity ? What should be the role of public policies in this area ?

Chair : Jean-Luc François, AFD (French Development Agency)
Discussant : Franck Galtier, economist at Cirad (Center for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development)

- An example of an inter-branch scheme : the cotton price smoothing fund in Burkina Faso
Jonas B. Bayoulou, Director, Economic Studies and Prospective, SOFITEX (Company of Textile Fibers of Burkina Faso), Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
Download the presentation (in French)

- Risk management in contract farming : insights from India
Meeta Punjabi, Managing Director, Creative Agri Solutions, New Delhi, India
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- Remarks by the discussant
Franck Galtier, economist at Cirad (Center for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development)
Download the presentation (in French)

Panel : voice to the farmers
What are the views of farmers on the achievements of the G20 agriculture so far ? What are their expectations for the future ?
Chair : Jean-Christophe Debar, director of FARM

- Ibrahima Coulibaly, President, CNOP (National Coordination of Farmers Organizations), Mali
- Raul Montemayor, member of the National Policy Board of the FFF (Federation of Free Farmers), Philippines
- Ivan Polanco, Director of Public Policies, ANEC (Mexican Association of Rural Producers), Mexico
- Christiane Lambert, First Vice President, FNSEA (French National Federation of Farmers Unions), France

Closing remarks

- Jorge Rueda Sousa, Minister Counselor (Agriculture), Mexican Mission to the European Union
Download the speach

- Henri de Raincourt, Minister attached to the State Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, in charge of Cooperation
Download the speach (in French)

Download the complete program

Publié le : 22 décembre 2011

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