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20-22 mars 2011 : "Economic Development in Africa", Conférence annuelle du Centre pour l’étude des Economies Africaines (CSAE), Oxford (Royaume-Uni)

Keynote speaker : Michael Kremer, Harvard

Opening panel : ‘Research, African Economic Policy and the Role of Private Business’

- Paul Collier, Director, CSAE
- Mthuli Ncube, Chief Economist, African Development Bank
- Minouche Shafik, Permanent Secretary, Department for International Development

After dinner speech : Paul Collier

Closing panel : ‘Methodology Update : Randomized Controlled Trials or Structural Models (or both... or neither...) ?’

- Marcel Fafchamps, CSAE
- Glenn Harrison, Georgia State University
- David McKenzie, World Bank
- Leonard Wantchekon, New York University

Conference papers will address economic analysis of the broad issues relevant for economic development in Africa. The conference will consist of parallel sessions, with two plenary sessions.

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Publié le : 3 février 2011

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