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Food security : a global challenge

The food crisis which struck the world in 2008 brought back the agricultural issue as one of the international community’s top priorities. It is obvious that new food shortages may occur. Hunger is not declining as had been hoped. Since spring 2008, all global conferences have been devoting one item on their agenda to food security and pledged new funding. However, those statements did not translate into action. Public opinion is finding it hard to understand what is going on and to distinguish between what is intended for media impact and what will initiate real action...

Jointly published by FARM and Fondapol, the study Food security : a global challenge proposes solutions to agricultural challenges that the planet faces. Its author, Bernard Bachelier, recalls that beyond price control, it is essential to boost production through investment, particularly in developing countries.

- Download the study (pdf, 410 kb)

Publié le : 6 janvier 2011

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