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Agricultural policies - Publications

FARM regularly publishes papers and articles on public policies, especially agricultural and trade policies, in developing countries. It also commissions studies to research teams.

- Trade Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa : Lessons for Malawian Trade Policy (pdf, 630Ko), M. Douillet et K. Pauw, IFPRI, Policy Note 10, January 2012
- The new context of agricultural development in the world, B. Bachelier, FARM, June 2008
- High and volatile agricultural prices for the next 10 years, May 2008
- Agricultural potential of West Africa, R. Blein, B. Soulé, B. Faivre-Dupaigre, B. Yérima, February 2008 - summary
- Pluriagri forecasting – prices remain high, December 2007
- The World Development Report 2008 of the World Bank has been released, October 2007
- Rising prices and biofuels : an opportunity for developing countries ? : account of the meeting, C. Bellora, FARM, September 2007
- Commentary : WTO - Falconer’s paper on agriculture negotiations, July 2007

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Publié le : 9 février 2012

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