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Presentation of the conference "World Agriculture and Green Growth"

The conference World Agriculture and Green Growth was held in Paris in December 7 and 8, 2010. Here is a short presentation of the event.

Green Growth : this is now the slogan for the reorientation of the global economy. Agriculture is directly concerned. Its production must indeed increase sharply in coming decades to meet growing demand to feed the planet, while reducing impacts on ecosystems, fighting against global warming and adapting to its consequences.

What are the agricultural production systems which combine economic development, social progress and environmental protection ? What opportunities does new green economy provide to farmers ? What are its challenges, its promises and its limitations ?

The debates on these issues was carried out during the conference on the basis of studies prepared specially for this occasion, with farmers, economists and policy makers.

The organisers :
- AFD : French Development Agency
- CSAAD : Strategic committee for sustainable agriculture and the farming industry reporting to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
- FARM : Foundation for world agriculture and rural life
- IGPDE : Institute of public management and economic development, lifelong learning organisation for the ministries of the economy and finance
- Pluriagri : association created by French producers of cereals, oilseeds, proteaginous plants and sugar beet and Crédit Agricole S.A.

With the support of AFD (French Development Agency)

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Other available documents concerning the conference World Agriculture and Green Growth
- Video recordings of the conference
- The speakers’ presentations and the documents distributed to participants

Publié le : 15 décembre 2010

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