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28-31 March 2010 : Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development , Montpellier (France)

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Enhancing Development Impact from Research : Building on Demand

The GCARD process will address the below questions :
- What are the development needs where AR can play its best role ?
- How best do we turn research in development impacts at scale ?
- How can more effective pathways be developed to create impact for the poor ?
- What investments, institutions, policies and capacities are necessary ?

GCARD 2010 presentation

GCARD 2010 will be in two parts. The first part will be a summit meeting of invited senior policy makers from governments, international agencies and key stakeholder organisations. These will examine the need and scale of investment in agricultural research and associated institutions required to increase the impact of new knowledge among the poor.

The second part, the main session, will involve a cross-section of stakeholders from all sectors involved in agricultural research for development. These will include farmers, consumers, civil society organisations, service providers, input suppliers and market representatives. Those directly concerned with research, and subsequent agricultural inputs in the public, private and international sectors, and the funding bodies that support research and advisory processes, will also take part in the main session.

GCARD 2010 programme

- 28 March 2010 On Day 1, participants will look at what investment, policies and changes are needed to transform global, regional and national systems of agricultural research, innovation and knowledge sharing.
- 29 March 2010 On Day 2, participants will look at the key challenges in development and where to focus research so it makes the most difference.
- 30 March 2010 On Day 3, participants will look at the tools and changes necessary to create agricultural research systems that impact more effectively in development. Among others, sessions will discuss how to boost North–South and South-South collaboration and what is required to develop and inspire a new generation of researchers to meet the challenges of a changing world.
- 31 March 2010 On Day 4, GCARD 2010 wraps up by pulling together solutions and ways forward, setting out better ways for all concerned - farmers, civil society, policy makers, development agencies and researchers - to work together to achieve development goals.

GCARD 2010 will spell out an action plan and a framework for improving agricultural research globally. These will be the blueprints for developing :
- Closer relationships between all involved and collaborative action for agricultural research and innovation.
- New relationships that push agricultural development forward.
- New tools and information directly relevant to agricultural development.

Publié le : 14 décembre 2009

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