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November 23 - 24 : "Agricultural prices and market risks" conference

On November 23 and 24, the conference "Prices and markets risks : farmers faced with volatility" is held in Pierre Mendès France Conference Center, in Paris (France).

The conference addresses the issues related to the volatility of
agricultural prices
, management of market risks and implications of this
context for agricultural policies. It takes into account the
situation of Africa, Madagascar and Europe.

- Conference in live video

- Download the conference provisional programme (pdf, 71 kb)

In recent years, agricultural markets have been marked by great volatility. After the rise in 2007, prices fell for most products in 2008, but remain historically high, particularly in Africa. FAO announces that more than 1 billion people are malnourished in the world in 2009.

- What are the impacts of price changes on agricultural production and incomes of farmers, in northern and southern countries ? How the volatility of world prices is transmitted to local markets in West Africa ?
- What are the consequences of the uncertainties of the global economic crisis for agriculture ? Will the erratic evolution of agricultural markets continue in the medium term ?
- What instruments of market risk management (storage, contractualisation, insurance against loss of revenue…) can be implemented in developing and developed countries, to mitigate the impact of price volatility on producers and consumers of agricultural products ? What are the lessons of the policies implemented in some southern countries to fight against the price volatilty ?

The organisers invite you to discuss these issues at the symposium, on the basis of studies prepared specially for this occasion, with farmers, economists and policy makers.

- AFD : French Development Agency
- CIRAD : French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development
- CSAAD : Strategic committee for sustainable agriculture and the farming industry reporting to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
- FARM : Foundation for world agriculture and rural life
- IGPDE : Institute of public management and economic development, lifelong learning organisation for the ministries of the economy and finance
- Pluriagri : association created by French producers of cereals, oilseeds, proteaginous plants and sugar beet and Crédit Agricole S.A.

Supported by the French Development Agency (AFD)

Publié le : 14 juin 2010

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