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How to support us

Why help FARM ?

Partnering with FARM means :
- Making farming a driver of economic development,
- Being part of a long-term approach to help farmers produce more and earn a decent living from their work.

Why support food-producing agriculture projects ?
- To contribute to concrete projects to fight against food insecurity,
- To contribute to the fight against hunger and poverty among African farmers,
- To take action using a precise, professional method,
- To create new standard methods of development within an independent framework,
- To work towards social stability on the African continent.

How can I help FARM ?

  1. Support FARM financially by making a donation :
    - by cheque : download and fill out the donation form and send it to :
    Fondation FARM
    s/c Crédit Agricole SA
    12, Place des Etats Unis
    92127 MONTROUGE Cedex

- online : FARM has a partnership with, a secure online donation platform. See practical information below.

  1. Support FARM by getting involved :
    - Begin a donation drive to support third-world farmers through FARM’s initiatives. This can be done in a few clicks by creating a donation page which you can then send to your friends to ask them to support FARM’s initiatives. Your donation drive may be dedicated in honour of an event : your birthday, a foot race, a football game with your company...Whatever the case, you will find a step by step guide at
    - Invite FARM to present its projects at your company or university... Send all requests for information to

Graines de sorgho

Practical Information

- Tax reductions : individuals who pay taxes in France will get an income tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of their donations of up to 20% of their taxable net income. For example, a one-time donation of €100 will cost €34 after the tax deduction. If you pay ISF (wealth tax), 75% of the amount of your donation is tax-deductible with an upper limit of €50,000.

- Secure payment : our VeriSign-certified banking provider Alvarum is in charge of data protection and encryption for all information entered online and stored on the payment server.

- Tax receipt : During the donation process, you may create a personal account on the alvarum platform in order to print your tax receipt. Make sure you remember your password :
- Click on
- Enter your email address and password
- Click on the "Tax receipt" link on the donation list in order to print the document.

- Privacy protection : your personal information will be used for management needs, to inform you of our initiatives or to contact you during the Foundation’s fundraising drives. In accordance with France’s Computers and Freedom law of 5 January 1978, you have the right to access, delete or modify the information concerning you by writing to :
Fondation FARM
s/c Crédit Agricole SA
12, Place des Etats Unis
92127 MONTROUGE Cedex

Publié le : 5 août 2013

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