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Studies and reports


- Trade Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa : Lessons for Malawian Trade Policy (pdf, 630Ko), M. Douillet et K. Pauw, IFPRI, Policy Note 10, January 2012
- The G20 agricultural agenda : an opportunity for world agriculture ? (in English, pdf, 280 Kb and in French, pdf, 293 Kb), B. Bachelier, FARM, May 2011
- The new context of agricultural development in the world, B. Bachelier, 2008
- Qui va nourrir le monde ?, synthèse du forum électronique, 2008
- Agricultural potential of West Africa, R. Blein, B. Soulé, B. Faivre-Dupaigre, B. Yérima, 2008 - summary
- Rising prices and biofuels : an opportunity for developing countries ?, proceedings of the September 2007 conference

Economic Partnership Agreements
- "EPA : what is at stake ? What is the current state of affairs of the negotiations ?”, proceedings of the conference of November 2007
- How can the Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific countries benefit from the economic partnership agreements ?, synthesis of the November 2006 conference, C. Bellora, 2006

Other publications are available in French


- African cotton farmers within the context of globalization : social, economic and geographical impacts. The case of Burkina Faso’s Eastern region. C. Renaudin, University Paris-Sorbonne, March 2011. PhD thesis.

Other publications are available in French


Publications are available in French


- What microfinance for agriculture in developing countries ?, proceedings of the December 2007 conference, S. Morvant, 2007

Other publications are available in French


- Socio-cultural appropriation of mobile phones by farmers in Burkina Faso (pdf, 200Kb), E. Pasquati, FARM, October 2011.
- Methodological innovation in communication processes to foster co-production and exchange of agricultural knowledge in Burkina Faso : taking into account social and cultural aspects (pdf, 120ko), E. Pasquati and P. Girard, FARM, 2010 (paper presented at the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists XIIIth World Congress, Montpellier (France), 26 - 29 April 2010)

Other publications are available in French

Publié le : 22 mars 2012

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