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October 26-28 2011 : IDIA 2011 – ICT for development : people, policy and practice, Lima (Peru)

The 5th International Development Informatics Association (IDIA) Conference will focus on ICT for development.

For further information : IDIA 2011

June 04-05 2011 : Workshop on Mobile and Web Technologies in Social and Economic Development, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

This workshop aims to understand the challenges associated with using mobile phones and Web technologies to deliver sustainable services for underprivileged populations in developing countries.

To learn more, click here.

May 25-27 2011 : eLearning Africa 2011 : 6th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

eLearning Africa 2011 will focus on youth but it will also highlight the importance of skills, skill development and employability.

To learn more, click here.

May 11-13 2011 : IST-Africa 2011, Gabarone (Botswana)

Part of the IST-Africa Initiative, which is supported by the European Commission, IST-Africa 2011 is the fourth in an Annual Conference Series which brings together senior representatives from leading commercial, government & research organizations across Africa and from Europe, to bridge the Digital Divide by sharing knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and good practice and discussing policy related issues. IST-Africa 2011 will focus on the Role of ICT for Africa’s Development and specifically on Applied ICT research topics addressing major societal and economic challenges.

For further information : IST-Africa 2011

March 23-26 2011 : "ICT for Africa 2011" conference, Ota (Nigeria)

February 02-03 2011 : Mobile Web West Africa, Lagos (Nigeria)

This conference intends to explore the potential of the internet and applications on mobile devices.

To learn more, click here.

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logo ICTD 2010

December 13-16 2010 : ICTD 2010 conference, London (England)

The fourth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD 2010) will be held in London. Preparations have begun.

To learn more, click here.

November 18-19 2010 : “ICT for Rural Economic Development” conference, Berlin (Germany)

Organized by GTZ, the conference will investigate the role that information and communication technologies play for economic development in rural areas of low and middle income countries. We will review and analyse the impact of ICT solutions and applications in terms of improvement of rural markets (should that be in terms of financial services, product traceability or market information), the ecosystem required to secure successful and sustainable projects as well as the policy and regulatory conditions that enable the development of ICT services in rural areas.

To learn more, and to participate on line click here

November 10-11 2010 : M4D conference, Kampala (Uganda)

The 2nd International Conference on M4D – Mobile Communication Technology for Development – will provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and all those with interests in the use of Mobile Communication Technology for Development. M4D2010 will combine two days of plenary peer-reviewed paper sessions, with two days of workshops, panel sessions, discussion forums, and demos.

To learn more, click here.

October 3-7 2010 : AFITA 2010 Conference, Bogor (Indonesia)

Organized by the Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (AFITA), this conference will focus on the quality information for competitive agricultural-based production systems and commerce.

For further information, click here.

September 09-10 2010 : 1st International ICST Conference on e-services for Agriculture, Food, Environment and Life Sciences in Africa, Johannesburg (South Africa)

Organized by the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (ICTS), the two day conference will focus on the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation and application of innovative ways to use Information and Communication Technologies in the rural domain. The conference will, among others, explore the environmental impact of E-Agriculture in the improvement and more efficient use of natural resources and exploitation of nature’s potential towards a sustainable growth that best matches Africa’s needs.

To learn more, click here.

August 10-15 2010 : World Library and Information Congress, special session on Current Trends in Agricultural Information Services for Farmers, Gothenburg (Sweden)

The IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) Agricultural Libraries Special Interest Group in association with IAALD (International Association of Agricultural information Specialists) invites papers to be presented at a two-hour session to be held at the World Library and Information Congress.

To learn more, click here.

August 10-12 2010 : 2nd ICT Africa Summit, Cape Town (South Africa)

Organized by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), ICT Africa Summit aims at promoting and supporting business opportunities in the sector of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to encourage further growth and development in African countries.

To learn more, click here.

Youth, Rural Development and ICT : ARDYIS Essay Contest

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA), in collaboration with FARA, Yam-Pukri, CAFAN, AYF, ANAFE, PAFPNET, is organizing an essay writing contest on “Youth and ICTs in Agriculture and Rural Development”, aimed at identifying innovative solutions on challenges faced by youth in agriculture and rural areas using Information and Communication Technologies. Applications should be sent to CTA by 31 July 2010.

To learn more, click here.

Mai 25-27 2010 : World Congress on Information Technology 2010, Amsterdam (Holland)

This is the biannual event where leading corporate managers and authorities meet to discuss the opportunities and applications of ICT. The theme of the 2010 convention, which will take place in Amsterdam, will be Challenges of Change.

To learn more, click here.

May 4-5 2010 : ICT : Africa’s Revolutionary Tools for the 21st Century ?, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

The Centre of African Studies of the University of Edinburgh will organize a conference on the use or potential of ICT in influencing change in Africa.

To learn more, click here.

April 26-29 2010 : IAALD XIIIth World Congress (theme : Scientific and Technical Information and Rural Development : Highlights of Innovative Practices), Montpellier (France)

The renewed worldwide interest in agriculture and in issues relating to food crises in different parts of the world has highlighted the need for providing quality information to actors in rural development. Scientific and Technical Information Specialists can help provide this information by sharing and pooling their knowledge and know-how. This Congress, organized by The International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) and Agropolis International, will promote fruitful exchanges between information specialists and the actors of rural development who face key challenges in agriculture.

To learn more, click here.

until April 26 2010 : How ICTs Are Changing the Way We Live - The eLearning Africa 2010 Photography Competition

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have permanently changed life all over the planet. eLearning Africa is launching a photography competition to know what ICT has meant for Africans. How have mobile phones, the Internet and computers changed your life, your family’s lives or life in your corner of the Continent ?

For further information and to participate, click here.

April 7-9 2010 : National Forum on Mobile Applications for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development, New Delhi (India)

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is organizing a National Forum on Mobile Applications for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development. The purpose of the initiative is to consult and appraise the stakeholders regarding global developments in mobile applications, next generation telecom reforms and citizen centric applications of mobile and new media technologies. The deadline for submitting the abstracts for the forum is 10th February 2010.

For further information, click here.

March 25-28 2010 : International Conference on ICT for Africa 2010, Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Themed ICT for Development - Contributions of the South, and with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and The Louisiana Board of Regents, this conference will bring together a fine mix of practitioners and academicians in the area of ICTs for sustainable development. The conference will explore the contributions of Africa to the global ICT for development discourse and efforts.

The objective is to highlight the synergy of collaboration between African countries and other developing countries, and between African countries and the developed countries towards development solutions. Discussions and panel debates will therefore question how ICTs become the process for South-to-South knowledge transfer and South-to-North knowledge transfer in both research and practice.

To learn more, click here

October 13-16 2009 : Symposium on policies and modes of appropriation of ICTs in the South, Bordeaux (France)

The symposium on policies and modes of appropriation of ICTs in the South is part of the program Netsuds, of the International Research Group (GDRI) of the CNRS, whose goal is to lead a multidisciplinary comparative analysis of policies and modes of practice and ownership of information and communication technology (ICT) in Southern countries, particularly in Africa and Latin America. In this context, the question is how these ICTs are changing the strategies and paths of development.

For further information visit Netsuds’ website

July 23-25 2009 : Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development (CITED2009), Calabar, the Canaan City (Nigeria)

The aim of CITED2009 is to present research and best practice in the areas of information technology, management, and their impact on economic development. CITED2009 will consist of workshops, tutorials, trade transactions, keynote speeches, paper presentations, and panel discussions. The event should inspire a fruitful dialogue among practitioners, government officials, scholars, and investors.

For further information : CITED2009

June 25-27 2009 : 4th International Conference on Communities and Technologies, Pennsylvania (United States)

The Communities and Technologies biennial international conference serves as a forum for stimulating and disseminating research on the complex connections between communities - both physical and virtual - and information and communication technologies.

For further information : C&T 2009

June 16-17 2009 : Workshop "Changing the Emperor : ICTs transforming agricultural science, research and technology generation", Wageningen (The Netherlands)

This Workshop will take place at the CGIAR’s Science Forum 2009. It will aim to provide a venue to discuss how to exploit the potential of computing and ICTs in agricultural science, research and technology generation especially in the context of technologically less developed countries and for the benefit of millions of resource poor farmers and producers. The workshop will, as its goal, seek to identify the global priorities in research in use of ICT in agricultural science and technology generation and needs for technologically less developed countries to make full use of ICTs in harnessing agriculture science for their development and progress.

For further information click here

June 08 2009 : Information and communication technology for rural development : the Indian models, Paris (France)

- Organization : FARM
- Date : Monday June 08 from 2:30 to 5 PM
- Location : 59-61 rue Pernety, 75014 Paris. Pernety metro line 13

India is one of the most advanced countries in the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for development. Eric Pasquati, ICT project leader at FARM, was there in April 2009 to better understand the different approaches in implementing ICT for rural development. The conference-debate of the 08th of June will be an opportunity to share this experience with you and lead a discussion on the relevance of the Indian models for other regions of the developing world.

This conference will be conducted in French ; unfortunately no translation into English will be available this time.

For inscription click here.

May 6-8 2009 : IST-Africa 2009, Kampala (Uganda)

Part of the IST-Africa Initiative, which is supported by the European Commission, IST-Africa 2009 is the fourth in an Annual Conference Series which brings together senior representatives from leading commercial, government & research organizations across Africa and from Europe, to bridge the Digital Divide by sharing knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and good practice and discussing policy related issues. IST-Africa 2009 will focus on the Role of ICT for Africa’s Development and specifically on Applied ICT research topics addressing major societal and economic challenges.

For further information : IST-Africa 2009

May 4-5 2009 : Workshop on Low-cost Broadband Access & Infrastructure, Kampala (Uganda)

Organized by the Digital World Forum, an European project focusing on the use of ICT to leverage economic development in Africa and Latin America, the theme of this workshop is part of a threefold dynamic, the two others being "Mobile Web" and "Low-cost laptops". It proposes to take a pragmatic approach to the "last mile" issue, by assessing each key technological solution in the light of a typology of local contextual factors. The project focuses on wireless, non-satellite-based solutions, in order to stay in line with a stringent low-cost approach. This workshop will gather manufacturers, service providers, carriers and academics, and it is expected to release a set of recommendations, which will help defining key appropriate initiatives to be undertaken at EU level.

For further information, click here

April 17-19 2009 : 3rd IEEE/ACM international conference on information and communication technology for development (ICTD 2009), Doha (Qatar)

The goal of the ICTD conference is to provide a forum for academic researchers and scholarly practitioners working with ICT applied to development. The conference will bring together researchers and reflective practitioners in both the social and technical sciences, with anticipated representation from anthropology, sociology, economics, political science, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial design, and the like, in addition to domain specialists in various development fields such as healthcare, agriculture, enterprise, education, governance, etc.

For further information : ICTD 2009

April 1-2 2009 : Workshop Africa Perspective on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social and Economic Development, Maputo (Mozambique)

Organized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) under its Mobile Web Initiative, this workshop aims to understand specific challenges of using mobile phones and Web technologies to deliver services to underprivileged populations of Developing Countries, and to capture the specificities of the African context. The idea is to explore how to leverage success stories about the use of simple ICT services on mobiles to improve people’s income and thus create an enabling environment that would drive the appearance of numerous services all over the Developing World.

For further information, click here

February 25 2009 : Tech For Food 2009 (TFF 2009), Paris (France)

The third edition of the Symposium Tech For Food will take place on the 25 of February 2009, at the International Agricultural Show in Paris. This year, all the Tech For Food partners decided to focus on India, the country of agricultural revolutions. What place for new technologies in agricultural development and environment protection ? What are the lessons drawn by the Indian experience ? Such questions will be addressed in the symposium.

For further information and registration : TFF 2009

December 11-12 2008 : 1st international conference on M4D : Mobile communication technology for development, Karlstad (Sweden)

Organized by the Karlstad University, by the international network for post graduate students in the area of ICT4D (IPID) and by the Swedish program for ICT in developing regions (SPIDER), this conference strives to include all types of actors. There will be a research stream with a traditional conference design and a practitioner’s stream where industry, NGOs, and public bodies can disseminate their knowledge. All "m" areas relevant to development (m-government, m-health, m-banking, m-policy, etc.) will be represented.

For further information and registration : M4D

November 17-28 2008 : e-Agriculture Virtual Forum "Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas"

This Forum organized on the platform will examine the challenges that rural communities face in enhancing the benefits of mobile telephony, and look at some examples of interesting initiatives and good outcomes from around the globe.

For further information and registration : e-Agriculture forum

November 15 2008 : workshop on "Community and Communications", Egham (United Kingdom)

The aim of this workshop is to explore new meanings of the term "community" in relation to ICT4D research, and new opportunities and challenges for community-based development through the employment of ICT. The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from very different backgrounds, ranging from sociology, development studies, and computer science. It will provide an opportunity for researchers and ICT solution providers to discuss and debate different views on challenges and opportunities for ICT in fostering sustainable communities.

Organized by the ICT4D Collective and sponsored by Cisco Systems, this workshop will take place in the University of London, Royal Holloway campus, in Egham.

For further information and registration : workshop on "Community and Communications"

November 11-13 2008 : eAsia 2008, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

eAsia 2008 is an open ICT for development platform for Asian countries, to discuss opportunities and challenges in promoting growth of ICT4D, through consultative dialoguing, strategic planning, knowledge networking and business partnering. eAsia 2008 will focus on five emerging application domains of ICT for Development - e-Government, ICT in Education, Asian Telecentre Forum, ICT enabled Health services and Mobile application and services for development.

The conference and exhibition is being organized by Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) and co-hosted by Ministry of Energy, Water, and Communications (KTAK), Government of Malaysia.

For further information : eAsia 2008

November 7 2008 : Symposium on Development and Empowerment through Community Radio, Montreal (Quebec, Canada)

This symposium will bring together community radio practitioners, non-governmental organizations, development agents and other stakeholders to reflect on the link between the communication processes facilitated by community radio and the development and the empowerment of the disadvantaged and marginalized, particularly women. It will also explore ways to increase its impact on sustainable development and on the democratization of societies.

This international symposium is organized by the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), in collaboration with Media@McGill, partners and stakeholders.

For further information, click here

November 5-6 2008 : M4D, Mobile Applications Development in East Africa, Kampala (Uganda)

The general objective of this workshop is to discuss and explore the current and future use of mobile applications in East Africa and to collaboratively identify a list of obstacles hindering the success of mobile applications and how we can potentially address them.

The workshop is sponsored by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and organized by Directorate for ICT Support (DICTS) at Makerere University in partnership with Knowledge Consulting Ltd and UPGRAID.

For further information : M4D

October 18-20 2008 : Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture (CCTA2008), Beijing (China)

As an agriculture-oriented conference, the content of CCTA is designed for government, institutes and large companies, industrial districts, clusters and regional development agencies and consultants all over the world. The conference will provide a forum for original research contributions and practical system design, implementation, and applications of computer technologies in agriculture.

For further information : CCTA2008

August 24-27 2008 : Joint Conference of IAALD, AFITA and WCCA, Tokyo, Japan

The joint conference of the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD), the Asian Federation of Information Technology in Agriculture (AFITA), and the World Congress on Computers in Agriculture (WCCA) will provide an effective forum for agriculture related researchers and information specialists to share and discuss latest development on applications and developments in the use of Information Technologies. These include new applications of well established and understood technologies to innovative and entrepreneurial applications of emerging technologies, in addition to issues related to policy and knowledge dissemination.

For further information : joint conference IAALD, AFITA and WCCA

July 29-31 2008 : Conference "eAgriculture India 2008", New Delhi, India

Within eINDIA 2008, India’s largest ICT event, eAgriculture India 2008 aspires to network governments, private sector, rural institutions, banks, academia, progressive farmers, researchers, etc. for finding out better ICT applications and models for agriculture and allied fields.

eAgriculture INDIA 2008 wil focus on :

For further information : eAgriculture India 2008

July 14 2008 : Seminar on Meeting Information and Knowledge Needs of Farmers in Africa Through e-Agriculture, Lusaka, Zambia

Organized by the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD), the seminar will examine some e-agriculture initiatives in Africa, the potential role of information professionals in e-agriculture, and the need for information professionals in Africa to participate in the e-Agriculture Community of Expertise global initiative.

For further information :

June 30 – July 1 2008 : Summer University on Information Technology in Agriculture and Rural Development, Budapest, Hungary

The Summer University provides a forum for agriculture related professionals, professors, lecturers and PhD students to exchange information on education, research, applications and developments of Information Technologies in Agriculture and Rural Development and publish the most recent results.

For further information :

May 19-23 2008 : Special Session on Collaborative Networking for Agriculture and Applications, Irvine, Californie, United States

A Special Session on Collaborative Networking for Agriculture is being organized under the 2008 Collaborative Technologies and Systems Symposium (CTS’08) to be held May 19-23, 2008, at Hyatt Regency, Irvine California, USA. This special session is proposed to bring together people from industry, government and academia who are working to innovate, develop and use networking and IT infrastructure for the purpose of collaborative work in the field of agriculture and applications.

For further information :

May 12-15 2008 : Forum at ITU TELECOM Africa 2008, Cairo, Egypt

Organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the leading UN agency for information and communication technologies, the Forum at ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2008 Forum will provide a major networking platform for Africa’s top ICT names to come together to focus on the core issues relating to ICT expansion across the region. Key areas to be explored at the Forum will include the latest technologies and new infrastructure solutions being deployed across Africa, the prospects for the region’s fast-growing mobile markets, and the impact of market liberalization. The Forum is part of a bigger event, also comprising a high-calibre Exhibition.

For further information :

May 6-9 2008 : online e-learning course "Networking in support of development"

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) invite applications from members to participate in a free four-day Online e-learning Course about “Networking in support of development”. The First Course for Applicants in Africa will be held 6-9 May 2008. The deadline for applications is the 23 April 2008, and the participation is limited to 30 people. Partcipants will need to show they have :

For further information :

February 26 2008 : second meeting of the Tech for Food Forum (TFF)

December 10-12 2007 : workshop "The Internet and Computing Grids in Africa", Montpellier (France) (in French)

September 17-21 2007 : AfricaGIS 2007 Conference, meeting platform for African and International professionals in the geoinformation field, Ouagadougou (in French)

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