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Support food production !

In response to the food crisis, the Foundation for World Agriculture and Rural life (FARM) is launching an operational project.

- online donation
- mail donation, download and fill out the slip
- more information on AIPI project

(support to initiatives by food producers for responsible intensification ).

FARM is giving its support to groups of farmers to facilitate their access to fertilizer, seeds, training, credit and irrigation.


This is a project :
- of urgency, starting right now to take advantage of the current farming season
- of sustainable farming which pays close attention to the environmental impact
- of long term partnerships with training programmes and support

The initial projects in Burkina Faso and Mali will enable increases in yields of rice, sorghum and maize of between 50 and 100%.

Help us support the initiatives of other groups of farmers.

To give your support to FARM : download and fill out the slip (in french - pdf, 40 kb)

- For more details on the AIPI project : see the project page
- Read the 1st July press release

Publié le : 21 juin 2010

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