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June 2008 : the new context of agricultural development in the world

Notes by Bernard Bachelier (pdf, 1.4 Mb) aim to analyse the new context of agricultural development in the world.


These notes aim to analyse the new context of agricultural development
in the world. Their hypothesis is that this new context constitutes a
historical break for agricultural policies. Indeed, above and beyond
the soaring prices of agricultural produce, all the indicators come
together to mark the end of an era : the World Bank report, international
negotiations and reforms to agricultural policies, philanthropic news,
environmental demands and the strengthening of civil society. This
leads to new questions about planning, public policies and the actions
of businesses being posed.

The priority is to channel investment into agriculture and its
intensification for the benefit especially of African countries whose
numerous agricultural populations have land and water but lack the
means to use them more profitably.

But the use of this investment must be based on a new concept of
the relationship between farmers, the other private actors and public
authorities whose functions must be redefined following liberalisation
and privatisation reforms. A situation such as this has not presented
itself for several decades. It is the responsibility of all of us to turn this
into an opportunity for the farmers of these countries.

Publié le : 7 avril 2010

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