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Water useful links

Water Management in the Mediterranean

- The Sirma Project - Water savings in irrigated systems in the Maghreb

The FSP regional project "Sirma", funded by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, was launched in August 2004 for a period of four years. The project brings together the main institutions and universities of agronomic studies in the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), as well as the French research institutes Cemagref, Cirad and the IRD. The project carries out actions of research, intervention, and training towards the goal of generating technical innovations, economic tools and institutional arrangements for a better use of agricultural water, working with agricultural professionals.

- The Observatory of CIHEAM

At the request of the Ministries of Agriculture of the member States of CIHEAM, an observatory was established in 2002 and progressively developed since to become a resource for analyzing agriculture, food and rural development in the Mediterranean.

- The Blue Plan

The Blue Plan is a Regional Activity Centre (BP-RAC) of the Mediterranean Action Plan, which is established under the aegis of United Nations Environment Programme

Publié le : 27 août 2009

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