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Water documentation

DOCUMENTATION by FARM and partners

Presentation of FARM’s projects in the field of water, at the Paris International Agriculture Show, 2008

- Water Savings for Everyone ? Marcel Kuper, CIRAD, UMR Geau. (French, pdf, 888 Ko)
- Water supply and sanitation services in isolated rural areas — new issues. Elizabeth Jaskulké, Suez. (French, pdf, 39 Ko)
- Principles of management and changes in run-off : the Oup Er Rbia River Basin, Morocco. Henri Tardieu, chairperson of the French National Committee of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage -ICID (French, pdf, 432 Ko)
- Presentation of the association Echanges Méditerranéens. Georges de Maupeou, chairperson of the association Echanges Méditerranéens - Mediterranean Exchanges for Water, Forests and Development (French, pdf, 769 Ko)

Proceedings from the seminar FARM –Echanges Méditerranéens : "Water management in water-scarce conditions in the Mediterranean Zone", March 2007. (French, pdf, 2 092 Ko)


Emerging Public-Private Partnerships in Irrigation Development and Management. World Bank, 2007 (English, pdf, 5 518 Ko).

This World Bank Report identifies the potential role and opportunities for the private sector within the framework of participation, with governments and farmers, in the development and management of irrigation and drainage infrastructure.

A Hydraulic Revolution in the Mediterranean. An analytical note by CIHEAM- International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies, n°26, November 2007. (French, pdf, 539 Ko)

This analytical note by CIHEAM demonstrates how the current hydraulic situation of the Mediterranean calls for better demand management, while not ignoring the gains still possible from improving water supply policies.

A Sustainable Future for the Mediterranean : The Plan Bleu’s Environment and Development Outlook. Plan Bleu, 2005. (English Summary, pdf, 4807 Ko)

This publication is a prospective analysis on environment and development in the Mediterranean and focuses on six crucial issues for this region : water, energy, transports, urban areas, rural areas, and coastal areas.

Financing Water for All. Report of the world panel on financing water infrastructures chaired by Michel Camdessus. World Water Council, 2003. (English, pdf, 514 Ko)

The report by this panel, which was established by a joint initiative of the World Water Council and the Global Water Partnership, makes several important conclusions on what needs to be done to find the financing for water infrastructure in order to meet the Millenium Development Goals.

Publié le : 27 août 2009

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