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November 2007 : A report on the microfinancing sector in the WAEMU zone emphasizes the vital role of savings and its effect as a driver for loans in this region

2006 Benchmarking Microfinancing in the WAEMU Zone, by MIX Market

A recent report from Microfinance Information eXchange analyses in particular the financial structure of the microfinance sector, especially 26 microfinance institutions in 6 of the 8 countries in the WAEMU zone. One of the interesting outcomes of this report is that it examines the extent and role of savings in a sector dominated by cooperative systems. A particularity the report underlined was that the MFIs studied concern more than 2.6 more investors than lenders. The lever effect of this savings in terms of financial intermediation is considerable in that savings collection vehicles have a credit outstanding that is 6 times higher and they involve twice as many lenders.

In terms of volume, and despite a stagnating number of investors, between 2005 and 2006 savings were up about 30%, whereas loans increased 27.8% and there were nearly 18% more lenders in the same period.

To read the entire report : click here

Publié le : 16 avril 2008

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