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20-24 March 2008 : SIEAU- 4th International Show on Water and Sanitation, Dakar, Senegal

Organised by Hydrotechniques

The aim of the Show is to set a modern and appropriate framework to :

- Promote new technologies in the fields of hydraulics and sanitation
- Develop exchanges and inter-companies relationships between African economic operators and their counterparts in foreign countries
- Promote investments in the various fields of water and sanitation
- Support concertation and experience sharing in these fields
- Promote a sustainable Public-Private Partnership within the framework of the achievement of the Millennium Goals.

Every year a specific theme is debated during the Show ; the theme of the present edition is the following :

"Integrated Water Resources for the achievement of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals)", including two sub-themes : seawater desalination and sanitation.

For further information :

Publié le : 27 mars 2008

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