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Conference and debate “Economic partnership agreements : what is at stake ? What is the current state of affairs of the negotiations ?”

Organized by The Foundation for world agriculture and rural life (FARM) and Inter-réseaux Développement rural, a round-table discussion was held at AgroParisTech in Paris on November the 19th, under the leadership of Bernard Bachelier.

Speakers :
- Ablassé Ouedraogo, former WTO deputy general director, councillor of the president of the commission of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), Mohamed Ibn Chambas, for trade negotiations.
- Elie Beauroy, director of the External agricultural policy, trade and development division, DGTPE, French Ministry of finance.
- Roger Blein, consultant - Bureau Issala
- Bio Goura Soulé, consultant - Laboratoire d’Analyse régionale et d’Expertise sociale (LARES)

The purpose of the discussion was to examine the stakes involved in the APE, in light of the December 31 deadline.

APE negotiations are more or less advanced depending on the region. Two major risks have emerged : country-by-country signings which would crush any hope of regional integration ; and interim agreements that do not take into consideration sensitive products and accompanying measures.

The CEDEAO is highly mobilised in an effort to reach an overall agreement(trade and development) at the regional level, for the entire region. To meet this goal it is asking for a deadline extension of 12-18 months.

Download the proceedings (pdf, 77kb)

For more information, please contact Cecilia Bellora

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Publié le : 17 octobre 2008

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