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FARM at the International Agricultural Show of Paris

Saturday, February 25 – Sunday, March 5, 2006
Porte de Versailles

1. FARM’s stand

FARM’s stand was located next to the stand "FAO – Alliés contre la Faim" (Allies Against Hunger), with whom FARM shared a space for discussions.
This was the occasion for FARM to unveil its logo and graphics standard.

2. FARM meetings on the subject of cotton

Cotton companies and growers’ representatives were invited by DAGRIS and CIRAD – whose stand is devoted to cotton – to a cotton seminar on Monday, February 27.

FARM has launched a working group "Cotton" with the intention of generating policy proposals with a series of two meetings :

2.1. Cotton workshop : "After HongKong, what’s next to be done ?"

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 – a meeting of invited participants was held at the International Agricultural Show. Participants included :

  1. African cotton companies
  2. Professional organisations of African cotton growers
  3. AFD, DAGRIS, Crédit Agricole S.A., several French ministries, and the European Commission.

2.2. Cotton luncheon : Tuesday, February 28, 1:00 PM

This event was organised in conjunction with AFD and DAGRIS, and participants included heads of cotton companies and professional organisations as well as French agricultural professionals.

3. Other Themes

3.1. Seminar organised by FARM and the FAO :

"Can agricultural trade reduce poverty ?"

This event was held at the International Agricultural Show on March 1, 2006 and speakers included Farba Senghor (Senegalese Minister of Agriculture), Jacques Diouf (Director General of the FAO), Ndiobo Diène (Permanent Secretary of the Forum du Dakar Agricole, Director of Research, Forecasting and Statistics for the Senegalese Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Safety), Demba KEBE (Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of Mali),Pierre Jacquet (AFD), Xavier Beulin (SOFIPROTEOL-FNSEA), Bénédicte Hermelin (GRET), and moderator Bernard Bachelier (FARM).

Consult the Report on Proceedings (in French).

3.2 Debates organised with "FAO et Alliés contre la Faim"

  1. "After HongKong, what is the outlook for farmers from both North and South" Participating professionals who were present at Hong-Kong included François Vanier (AFDI), Gaël Grosmaire (JA), Ndiobo Diène (Director of analysis, forecasting and statistics for the Senegalese Ministry of Agriculture, general secretary of Dakar Agricole).
  1. "What are world food forecasts predicting ?" with Sophie Drogué (INAPG- CEPII), Hervé Guyomard (INRA), Jean-Luc Duval (COPEIAA), Vincent Ribier (Economist at CIRAD), Pape Abdoulaye Seck (Director of the Senegalese Institute for Agronomic Research).
  1. "Tech for food", a presentation in conjunction with TV Agri on new technologies available to nutrition and agriculture, with Jean-Paul Hébrard (TV Agri) Antonio Guëll (CNES), Bruno Ouédraogo (IFDC)
  1. "Can we ignore innovation in the fight against malnutrition ?" François Burgaud (GNIS), LIMAGRAIN -, Fabrice Sagnard (Icrisat, Cirad) Mamadou Deme (CEO of the Société d’Aménagement et d’Exploitation de Terres du Fleuve Sénégal - SAED).
Publié le : 27 juillet 2006

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