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Limagrain Group

Limagrain Group

Europe’s leader in seed production and the 4th largest seed producer in the world, Limagrain, a cooperative company, pursues a growth strategy in agro-industries (e.g. grain production and baking) which involves vertical integration from seed to final product. Deeply attached to the agricultural sector, with shareholders comprised mostly of farmers, Limagrain has always followed a balanced approach whether in terms of research or in its market strategies. Limagrain is convinced that everywhere in the world the future of agriculture must involve controlling innovation and regulating agricultural markets.

A supporter of the « Mouvement pour une Organisation Mondiale de l’Agriculture » (MOMA or WOAGRI, the World Organization of Agriculture) and thereby committed to the establishment of regulations that would allow developing countries to build viable agricultural industries, Limagrain has also decided to join the Foundation FARM as a founding member.

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63720 Chappes

Vilmorin & Cie

The 4th largest world seeds company, Vilmorin creates, produces and sells both field and vegetable seeds to the markets for agricultural and vegetable production, and for amateur gardeners. Vilmorin, whose reference shareholder is Limagrain, achieves sales of more than 900 million euros, particularly in Europe, North America and Asia, with around 4400 employees spread all over the world. Vilmorin pledges to respect a development model that is a combination of development and responsibility.

Vilmorin & Cie :
4 quai de la Mégisserie
75001 Paris

Publié le : 11 janvier 2008

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