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Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole is France’s leader in retail banking with the largest branch network (9,000 branch offices serving 21 million clients), while it is also a full-fledged international bank of considerable size, doing business in 60 countries and active in all phases of banking and insurance. (It is the 4th largest bank in the world by number of employees, and the 3rd by total amount of deposits with 40 billion euros). The banking group’s foundation in local services and its cooperative organisation of regional structures (the latter’s legal status being that of cooperative companies holding a majority of the bank’s capital) are the basis for a longstanding and still vigorous corporate culture of ethical responsability on the international scene.

Following several years experience funding rural micro-credit programmes in developing countries, Crédit Agricole decided to become a founding member of FARM.

12, Place des Etats Unis
92127 MONTROUGE Cedex

Publié le : 4 septembre 2012

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