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Air France-KLM

Air France-KLM, the European leader in air transportation, is made up of a holding company and two airline companies each of which maintains its own brand, its own identity and its own activities in the three sub-industries that are passenger transportation, air freight, and aviation maintenance. The resulting group covers a total of 234 destinations. Founding member of the Skyteam Alliance (658 destinations), Air France-KLM is drawing on its strengths to position itself as a major world air travel actor and to become the leading alliance worldwide.

Air France, and in particular, the Air France Foundation, supports humanitarian action in developing countries including, for example, micro-credit schemes, and also operates a training school in Bamako for careers in aviation.

Air France :
45 rue de Paris
95747 Roissy Cedex

Publié le : 19 juin 2006

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